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  Dusty Springfield Chris Madin lead singer from BBC Strictly Come Dancing  
Elvis played by Paul Molloy David Peyton-Bruhl plays Tony Tremendo Jack Harding plays DJ Danny Dellany Rachel Heath plays Daisy Twistette and backing volcals
Chris Madin playing Buddy Holly Natalie Ross playing Maisey Twistette, dancer Suzi Madin playing Connie Francis Suzi Madin playing Petula Clark
Clayton Stocker bass playing and backing vocals Chris Madin singing one of his original songs Clayton and Charlie singing their hearts out Chris Madin singing Lucky Guy
Natalie Ross dancing with Elvis Suzi Madin playing Brenda Lee Bass playing antics with Clayton Stocker Suzi Madin playing Connie Francis
Suzi Madin during her amazing Dusty Springfield set Suzi Madin and Charlie ilkinson Suzi Madin and the cast of The Twist Show Natlie Ross flys through the air during her dance solo
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